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CleanChoice Settlement a Win for Consumers

Settlement will include payment to low-income solar program, greater clarity in messaging.


Robert Kelter


Electric Vehicles at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show: The Future is Now

We’ve reached the tipping point on electric vehicles.


Robert Kelter


FirstEnergy Investigations Must Continue Beyond Company’s Plea Agreement

The depths of the FirstEnergy scandal is unprecedented in the history of utility regulation in this country. PUCO must now do a deeper more comprehensive investigation into the totality of the corruption. FirstEnergy is a regulated public utility and has an obligation to serve customers in the public interest


Robert Kelter


Fact-Checking Ohio Legislators on Energy Bill Claims

The Ohio legislature needs to create a bill focused on reducing energy waste. Saving energy means saving money and benefits both consumers and the environment.


Robert Kelter


Ohio needs laws and regulators that support renewable energy

How does Ohio move forward and correct some of the residual effects of the First Energy and PUCO corruption scandals? They must repeal HB6 and come back with a bill that stops the nuclear plant bailout and restores efficiency and renewable energy funding.


Robert Kelter

Want lower energy bills in Ohio? Energy Efficiency is the best bet.

Green energy is booming across the Midwest, but in Ohio the legislature is close to passing a bill that would take an unprecedented step backwards.


Robert Kelter