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Protecting Clean Air for All

Healthy Clean Air is a basic human need. As a manufacturing and transportation hub, the Midwest has struggled with many sources and types of air pollution. From courtrooms to hearing rooms to busy street corners, ELPC fights for clean air for all.

ELPC attorneys and advocates implement, enforce, and defend the Clean Air Act. We work to reduce pollutants like smog, mercury, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases that harm human health and wildlife. We partner with community groups, providing technical tools and training to monitor air quality. We bring legal firepower to clean up toxic hotspots and hold polluters accountable. And we work with legislators to improve clean air laws and regulatory standards.

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Clean Air

Protecting Northwest Indiana

Clean Transportation

Advocating for Public Transit, Walking and Biking

Clean Transportation

Improving Clean, Electric Vehicle Adoption

Clean Air

Achieving Healthy Clean Air for All

Clean Air

Shutting Down Dirty Coal

Clean Air

Monitoring Air Quality

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Important Victory

Shutting Down the Edwards Coal Plant

The greatest long-term impact of the settlement for the health of Central Illinois residents is that the E.D. Edwards plant will close by the end of 2022. ELPC and the plaintiffs secured that victory.

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Help us protect clean air

Every Midwesterner deserves to breathe healthy, clean air. We can save lives with better data, more advocacy and effective law enforcement.