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Build Back Better Act Framework a Vital Step in Climate Fight

Framework includes programs that brings climate solutions to ground level

The Build Back Better Act Framework announced today includes critical investments and programs needed to ensure America makes essential progress in slashing climate pollution. The climate crisis is here, it’s real and it now requires massive investment in our clean energy future to make up for lost time. This framework starts that commitment.

The framework runs the gamut from tax credits for clean, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the necessary transition to an electric transportation future to investments in rural America, with many other programs in between that will advance climate action.

The Environmental Law & Policy Center is particularly pleased that the bill text today shows continued strong support for rural America with a nearly $2 billion investment in the Rural Energy for America Program over seven years. REAP enables farmers, ranchers and rural small business to invest in, and benefit from, renewable energy and efficiency.

ELPC also welcomes the $10 billion investment in modern, high-speed rail and almost $10 billion in critical support for transit.

Across the Midwest there are tremendous opportunities for investing in climate solutions. ELPC welcomes this step in the process and urges both House and Senate to act on the climate emergency by passing this important legislation.

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