Clean Energy

Transforming the Electricity Grid

We can reduce pollution and make our communities more resilient with renewable energy, but we need a more flexible and responsive electric grid to maximize these resources. ELPC is working to transform the grid quickly, affordably, and equitably.

Electricity production is currently a leading cause of climate change, but it doesn’t have to be. We can shift away from burning fossil fuels in order to reduce their dangerous pollution. Instead, we can meet our energy needs by embracing energy efficiency, renewable resources, and a modern flexible electric grid. ELPC is working with groups across the Midwest to transform the electric grid to maximize clean energy and make our communities more resilient.

For a long time, utilities made grid-planning decisions behind closed doors. But today, everyday people and local communities must join the conversation to shape fair decisions and provide climate-friendly solutions. To prevent the most devastating effects of climate change, we have to work fast to green the grid. We cannot afford to waste limited funds on grid investments that don’t help us maximize clean and efficient energy options. With diverse energy resources and thoughtful grid planning, we can power the Midwest with clean energy quickly, affordably, and equitably.

What is ELPC’s Midwest Grid Transformation Program?

ELPC is leading a coalition of organizations, including GridLab, Vote Solar, Natural Resources Defense Council, Fresh Energy, Citizens Action Coalition, and Interstate Renewable Energy Council. We are working in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin to transform the energy grid for the future.

  • We coordinate technical experts and advocates in electric planning and grid modernization. We share information and resources, so our team and our partners can prioritize litigation and technical commitments across the region.
  • We litigate to refine or improve federal, regional, and state-level grid modernization, transmission, and distribution proposals. We also ensure that regulators reject harmful proposals for excessive utility investment at the expense of cost-effective, clean, distributed energy generation.
  • We educate energy stakeholders to help them prepare distribution systems for a future in which customer-owned and third-party-owned clean energy resources will provide grid services.

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