Advancing Climate Change Solutions

The Midwest is ground zero in the battle against climate change, and ELPC is working to accelerate smart solutions. Our region is a hub of transportation and industry, with the nation’s highest concentration of polluting coal plants. But the Midwest is also a fulcrum for clean energy and transportation innovations, which are good for the environment and good for the economy.

ELPC is focused on accelerating solar energy, wind power, battery storage, and energy efficiency to replace conventional polluting power plants. With smart transportation, we can improve mobility, reduce pollution, and create jobs. As the federal government steps back, ELPC steps up to work with cities and states on climate solutions across the region. The time for action is now to shape a strong, sustainable future. We’re all in this together.

Current Projects

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Clean Energy

Beyond Wires: Transmission Alternatives to Accelerate Clean Energy Transition

Clean Energy

Accelerating Shift to Renewable Energy

Clean Energy

Growing Local Renewable Energy Resources

Climate Change

Midwest Cities and States Drive Climate Solutions

Clean Transportation

Improving Clean Vehicle Adoption

Clean Energy

Repowering the Rural Midwest

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Help us advance climate change solutions

We can reduce the threats of climate change and build resilient communities with innovative jobs in clean energy and transportation.