Press Release

EPA’s Final Rule to Limit Dangerous Chemicals in Drinking Water

“Today is a big day for safe, clean drinking water for tens of millions of people across the country”

 Statement by Ann Mesnikoff
Federal Legislative Director, ELPC 

“Today is a big day for safe, clean drinking water for tens of millions of people across the country and in the Great Lakes region. The US EPA is taking a critical step to address the growing threat from a broad category of chemicals known as PFOAs or PFAs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in drinking water. These chemicals are a threat to public health including increasing cancer risk and reproductive and developmental problems. These chemicals are used broadly in cookware, food packaging, clothing, carpeting and firefighting foam. Known as “forever chemicals,” PFAs persist in the environment and our bodies for years. That is why EPA’s action today is so critical.

“This final rule starts the process of requiring drinking water utilities to ensure our drinking water meets health-based standards for six leading PFAs. This is an essential step, but we must do more to prevent these chemicals from getting into our environment, our waters, including the Great Lakes, our fish, and our bodies.”

“More study and testing are needed to continue identifying the sources of PFAS contamination, not only in water, but also in soil, which can become contaminated through the application of biosolids and industrial waste. Some of that industrial waste comes in the form of manure from animals raised on industrial-scale farms that can be exposed to PFAs.”

“Local and state agencies should get to work and begin implementing these standards ASAP to ensure that human health is protected.”

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