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Wisconsin PSC Will Approve Unnecessary High-Voltage Transmission Line that Will Permanently Damage the Driftless Area

Wisconsin PSC Says Will Approve Huge Unnecessary High-Voltage Transmission Line that Will Permanently Damage the Driftless Area. There Are Better Clean Energy Solutions and Alternatives for Wisconsin.


Dodgeville, WI – Today, the Wisconsin Public Service Commissioners met and voted to approve moving forward to issue a written decision approving the proposed costly Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line that would cut a wide swath through Wisconsin’s scenic Driftless Area natural resources and communities.

David Clutter, Executive Director of the Driftless Area Land Conservancy, said: 

“The Driftless Area Land Conservancy is very disappointed in today’s decision by the PSC Commissioners to approve this unneeded 120-mile transmission line with 17-story towers that would create irreparable and permanent damage to the scenic Driftless Area. The Commission’s own staff testified that this transmission line is not the most economical option in most modeling scenarios. It’s not needed for energy demand nor reliability to keep the lights on. We expect that this decision will be challenged before federal and other state agencies, and in the courts if necessary.

Dane County, Iowa County, and many municipalities and school districts throughout Southwest Wisconsin opposed this unneeded transmission line. Furthermore, all of the state legislators of both parties and two members of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation expressed serious concerns regarding the construction and maintenance of this transmission line.

Numerous Wisconsin environmental, agricultural, grassroots citizen and consumer protection groups opposed this transmission line. Thousands of Wisconsin residents submitted written comments and testified at public hearings in opposition to this destructive proposed project.

The direction the Commissioners’ seem to be taking is contrary to Wisconsin state law. Their decision is not supported by expert witness testimony, the PSC’s own staff testimony or thousands of members of the public.

Wisconsin needs to transition to renewable energy and we can do so without damaging the natural areas and special places of our Driftless Area. There are better clean energy solutions and alternatives for Wisconsin. The PSC’s decision will result in higher utility rates in Wisconsin and across the Midwest, and will allow ATC and ITC to condemn private land through eminent domain.

The Driftless Area Land Conservancy hopes that the Commissioners will reconsider their apparent decision before entering a final order in this case. Upon reviewing the final order, the decision will be appealed if the Commission’s decision stands.


George Meyer, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, said: 

“The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is extremely disappointed with the Public Service Commissioners’ decision to issue a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the Cardinal-Hickory Creek high-voltage transmission line.

The Driftless Area is a truly unique landscape and home to a large number of valuable and heavily used Federal, State and local recreational areas. There has been a substantial amount of public and private investment in the natural resources and the recreational facilities of the Driftless Area including hundreds of small businesses that derive their income based on the resulting tourism economy.

The construction and maintenance of the proposed line and very high towers will have significant and undue adverse impacts on environmental values, including land and water resources. The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation will continue to challenge this destructive transmission line before federal and other state agencies, and in the courts if necessary.”


David Clutter, [email protected], 609-692-2153

Chuck Tenneson, [email protected], 608-930-3252

George Meyer, [email protected], (608) 516-5545


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