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ELPC Commends President Biden for $1 Billion Boost for Successful GLRI Program

"Additional funding arrives at pivotal moment to accelerate restoration and cleanup of the Great Lakes"

Statement by Howard A. Learner, Executive Director 

“The Environmental Law & Policy Center commends President Biden and Congress for stepping up with $1 billion of new funding for the successful Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. This $1 billion boost in GLRI funding arrives at a pivotal moment to accelerate restoration and cleanup of our treasured Great Lakes where more than 42 million people live, work and play.

“We welcome President Biden’s announcement from Ohio today that the $1 billion in funding from the administration’s bipartisan infrastructure law will target restoration of severely degraded ‘Areas of Concern’. The US EPA has designated at least 22 areas of concern in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and New York. We commend the President’s commitment to underserved environmental justice communities that are too often burdened with pollution and its impacts.

“This significant huge investment recognizes that GLRI is a successful program that continues to be necessary and vital to the health of the Great Lakes and the millions of people who depend on them for safe clean drinking water, recreation, and an economic engine for tourism, fishing and more.

“ELPC is grateful that we have an administration that cares about the Great Lakes and insuring the GLRI program continues to deliver important protections. We are especially thankful to have a renewed and stronger EPA Region 5 with Debra Shore now at the helm as a leader and protector of the Great Lakes.”

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