Press Release

EPA’s New Clean Car Standards Move the Transportation Sector in the Right Direction

“We need strong actions to protect the climate and avert the worst-case scientific assessments”

Statement by Ann Mesnikoff

Federal Policy Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center

“The Environmental Law & Policy Center welcomes the Biden administration’s proposed rules for light vehicles, as well as medium and heavy-duty vehicles, as an essential step in the right direction to reduce emissions driving the climate crisis and worsening air pollution.

“We are pleased to see U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s proposed standards for light-duty vehicles include a stronger alternative that will accelerate the electrification of the new vehicle fleet between 2027 and 2032. The proposed rules for heavy-duty vehicles will need to be tougher to fully address the impact this sector has on the climate and air quality. The heavy-duty sector is responsible for dangerous air pollution in communities across the Midwest and typically has a disproportionate impact on low-income individuals and black and brown neighborhoods. Accelerating the transition to cleaner trucks is an important response to environmental justice inequities in these communities. Additionally, the new standards will save all consumers money at the pump.

“Stronger standards are necessary and the technology to achieve them is available today. We need strong actions to protect the climate and avert the worst-case scientific assessments. We appreciate the importance of these proposed standards given that transportation is the largest source of climate pollution, however, we must go beyond electric vehicles and make robust investments in passenger rail and public transit, and safe biking and walking.

“We will review both rules and look forward to commenting and urging EPA to finalize the strongest standards that will meet the urgency of acting on climate change.”

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