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Trenton Channel Power Plant Demolition an Opportunity for Community

Demolition offers a chance to expand public greenway, energy storage facility

ELPC’s new Power Plants to Parklands (“P2P”) project aims to re-envision the redevelopment phase for decommissioned coal plant sites. Historically, coal plants were situated on lakes and rivers because of their reliance on water for cooling systems. As a result, these facilities often occupy marquee waterfront locations, making them prime for public use. However, retired coal plant sites are too often left as a blight in the community.

The P2P project advocates a transition into publicly accessible green spaces. We argue that thoughtful site reuse can create new greenways and parklands, expand wildlife habitat, and incorporate solar farms and energy storage — creating healthy spaces for communities to enjoy while contributing to local tax revenues.

Below is a statement from Howard Learner regarding the demolition of the smokestacks at the Trenton Channel Power Plant, in Trenton, Michigan.

Statement by Howard Learner, Executive Director
Environmental Law & Policy Center

“The Environmental Law & Policy Center looks forward to collaborating with DTE and community partners toward a new, greener future at the Trenton site. Let’s seize the opportunity to develop an expanded public greenway for biking and hiking along the waterfront connecting Elizabeth Park to Humbug Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.”

“We are excited for both the new greenway plan and the transition from the outdated, polluting coal plant to a modern energy storage facility, which will be transformative for Trenton.”


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