Clean Water

Northwest Ohio Water Poll

NW Ohioans support regulatory actions on concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) to reduce the toxic algal blooms that continue to plague Western Lake Erie.

Nationally-recognized pollster J. Ann Selzer‘s poll of 500 voters in northwest Ohio found that after respondents learned about the connection of manure runoff pollution from CAFOs, they supported regulatory action. The poll reflects the views of Ohioans from Erie, Lucas, Ottawa and Sandusky Counties, who represent a broad cross-section of the population and political parties.

Clean water is important—very important. A full 88% of NW Ohio voters rated safe clean water very important to them personally and deserving of government action.

Clean water is of universal importance to voters in NW Ohio and an overwhelming majority of respondents agreed protecting clean water requires government action. This poll shows that the majority of respondents were willing to support a moratorium on new or expanding CAFOs as well as regulations on permitting existing CAFOs.

Governor DeWine must keep Ohio’s promise and commitment under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement to reduce phosphorus entering Lake Erie by 40% by 2025 with a 20% reduction for interim progress by 2020.

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