Gibraltar Rock, Wisconsin

Issue Areas

ELPC takes a multifaceted approach to environmental advocacy. The Midwest is our home, so we take on the big fights to protect our neighbors and provide a future for our kids.

Whether we stand up in court to prevent hazardous pollution or drive policy to accelerate clean energy job growth, we know that a healthy environment works hand-in-hand with economic opportunity. With our Midwest perspective, we connect resources and ideas to solve challenges across the region.

Creating Climate Change Solutions

The Midwest is ground zero in the battle against climate change. ELPC is reducing carbon pollution to build strong, resilient communities.


Accelerating Clean Energy

ELPC is opening doors to wind and solar power to reduce pollution and create jobs across the region with home-grown clean energy.


Safeguarding Clean Air

Every Midwesterner deserves to breathe free. ELPC upholds clean air laws and works to reduce pollutants like mercury, smog, and diesel.


Protecting the Great Lakes & Clean Water

For a region defined by the Great Lakes and the mighty Mississippi, safe, clean water is critical to our health and our economy. ELPC fights for every drop.


Expanding Clean Transportation

At America’s crossroads, the Midwest is well-poised to offer solutions that improve mobility and reduce pollution, like cleaner cars and better transit.


Defending Wild & Natural Places

From parks to prairies, woods to waterways, ELPC defends the Midwest’s natural treasures.