Clean Energy

Iowa Clean Energy Supply Chain Report

ELPC identified 110+ Iowa companies engaged in the solar and wind industry supply chains. There are 9,800+ Iowans employed in those industries.

ELPC identified more than 110 businesses supplying the Iowa clean energy industry in our 2021 report. These clean energy companies include manufacturers, developers, installers, contractors, professional services, and more.

In this report, the ELPC team provides background on the policy landscape in Iowa, recommendations for further renewable growth, and a list of companies across the state in wind and solar energy businesses. There are accompanying maps and feature stories from companies helping to create American energy everyday.

“Renewable energy is important to us not only because it’s a cleaner power source that has a less adverse effect on the environment, but also because it enables power in some very remote areas where traditional fossil fuel power sources don’t make logistical or economic sense.”

– Seth Hansen, Marketing and Communications Manager at Powerfilm, Inc., Ames

“As a forward-thinking company, MODUS has always aspired to lead the change within our industry. It’s our aim to improve society by the design of safe, sustainable, and innovative buildings.”

Jared Heidemann, Marketing Director at Modus Engineering, Des Moines

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