Clean Transportation

Rail Manufacturing Reports

U.S. passenger rail and transit rail manufacturing are integral to the domestic economy and poised for growth. Three reports examine the rail supply chain.

In these reports, the Environmental Law & Policy Center examined transportation manufacturing, to explore how federal investments in clean transportation could also support job growth and a strong economy.

In the 2013 report, we found 460 companies in the high-speed rail supply chain across the Midwest, including 84 in Illinois, 99 in Indiana, 7 in Iowa, 49 in Michigan, 26 in Minnesota, 122 in Ohio, and 73 in Wisconsin.

In the 2015 report, we teamed up with the BlueGreen Alliance to expand our scope nationwide. We found more than 750 companies in at least 39 states manufacturing components for passenger and transit rail.

In the 2024 update, we highlighted a few trends that continue to show growth. The Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act as spurred investment in transit & passenger rail across the country, creating even more jobs and opportunities.

2013 map showing major U.S. rail manufacturing companies

Major rail manufacturing companies in the U.S. in 2015

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